Wik Folk High School

Wik Folk High School is located by Lake Mälaren, approximately 20 kilometres south-west of Uppsala. It provides mainly aesthetical courses. Our branch in central Uppsala, Uppsala Folk High School, offers general courses.

Aesthetic courses

Wik offers four different one-year aesthetic courses: music, art, acting and writing. In addition to this, it arranges several aesthetic weekend and summer courses each year. This environment allows creativity to bloom and stimulates artistic expression and meetings between people and art forms. The people who gather here are deeply committed to what they are doing. Wik Folk High School attracts both those who know what their future dream job is and those who want to experiment in their search. Collaboration, testing new thoughts and ideas, getting feedback and developing one's talents and self confidence are important parts of a student year at Wik.

Most students in the aesthetic courses use the school's boarding facilities. Many find that it is not only the learning which takes place during the days but also the social interaction during leisure time which is truly valuable. In the evenings, Wik can be full of various activities initialised by the students. Those living nearby may also choose to commute to Wik each day.

Uppsala Folk High School

At Uppsala Folk High School, it is the conversation and interaction between the students and the staff that increase knowledge and understanding of our society, our world and ourselves. Our projects and courses are focused on social sciences and liberal arts. By studying here, you can qualify for college and university studies. Our course offerings also include aesthetical and physical activities. We go to the cinema, theatre and concerts in order to partake of the great array of cultural events we have in Uppsala. We invite authors for readings and lectures and different organisations in order to learn from their experiences. The length of time you may spend studying here varies between one to four years, depending on your goals and previous knowledge.

Uppsala Folk High School is located in the Ulleråker area of Uppsala, and does not offer boarding possibilities.

Short courses at Wik

Each year, Wik Folk High School arranges approximately 100 short courses. In addition to different aesthetic courses, we also offer courses for those with post-lingual deafness and those with severe hearing impairments, interpreter courses, courses about nature and culture in Uppland, courses for union representatives, and more. Wik cooperates with several non-profit organisations in the planning of many courses. Courses according to special requests are arranged by Wik in subjects ranging from weaving, labour legislation, and Braille.

Post-lingual Deafness Course

Wiks Folk High School offers courses for those with post-lingual deafness and severe hearing impairments and their kin. In our courses, we teach a sign language which supports the spoken language (TSS) based upon specially designed study materials. TSS is built upon the Swedish language, but borrows many of its signs from sign language. This course is given at Wik on several different occasions. We have experienced teachers and modern hearing assistive technique in our teaching and hotel facilities.

Interpreter Courses

Our courses are overseen by the Institute for Interpretation and Translation Studies (TÖI) at Stockholm University. This one-year basic course is given at Uppsala Folk High School in central Uppsala, and students taking the course are entitled to student grants. Preparatory courses and advanced courses are given at Wik Folk High School about 20 kilometres outside of Uppsala. It is possible to receive free board and lodging and a grant to cover lost income while taking the courses at Wik.

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