Wik Castle

Modern conference centre in a historical environment

Surrounded by beautiful nature and a historical atmosphere, we have created a modern conference centre with sixteen conference and group rooms in different sizes ranging from 14 square metres to 115 square metres. The Hall of the Knights (Riddarsalen) is the largest conference room. All our conference and group rooms have broadband network connections. Modern audiovisual equipment is available.

You can spend the night in one of our four hotels: Ramborg, And, Anna or Mörner, all named after persons who once lived at Wik. The hotels have a total of 86 beds in 20 single rooms and 33 double rooms.

Wik Castle is truly unique. The castle is one of Sweden's best kept strongholds from the Middle Ages. It was built during the latter part of the 15th century. Wik's origins go even 200 years further back than this. The massive walls and moats made the stronghold impregnable. During the Middle Ages, the castle was one of the sturdiest strongholds in the Mälaren Valley, and Gustav Wasa once besieged Wik Castle for over a year without ever managing to get inside the walls.

Food in Focus

Food and mealtimes are important to us. We put a great deal of care and effort into our food, and try to get most of our produce from ecological and local producers. Good vegetarian alternatives are offered at each meal. You can always choose meals according to season, but you can also opt to get food from different historical epochs, from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and up to the last turn of the century. If you really want to feel what it was like to live in those times, you may also borrow clothes to match these historical menus. You can eat your meals in the castle, in the Knight's Chambers (Knektkammaren) or in the Castle Hall (Borgsalen) in the cellar vaults.

Both work and play

Wik is beautifully situated at an inlet of Lake Mälaren called Lårsta Cove (Lårstaviken). In the castle's well kept gardens you can follow the changing seasons, and there is even a vast and varied nature park belonging to the castle where there is much to discover. The Wik Park is easily accessible for those in wheel chairs and has paths for all tastes and needs. There is also a dock for large boats, making it possible to arrive by steam boat from the Stockholm archipelago.

The recreational possibilities at Wik are plentiful, allowing our conference guests a wide range of activities. One possibility is cooking in the castle kitchen, "A Combination of Food and Wine". Other alternatives are ice sculpting, walking on burning coals, bathing in a hot tub, different types of team challenges or sports, etc.

The reception is located beside the castle in the Stone House (Stenhuset), built in 1751. In addition to excellent conference facilities, there is a spacious sauna with a view over Lårsta cove. You can relax in the cellar vault castle bar in the evenings. On clear nights, you may borrow the castle telescope for some stargazing.

Wik Castle looks like a fairy tale castle with towers and pinnacles. You enter into another world – a time when life passed by at a slower pace. At Wik, you can let go of your everyday stress and rediscover your focus in a calm and harmonious environment, close to nature and the waters of Lake Mälaren.

Wik is a place for meetings. Meetings between history and the present-day. Meetings between people.

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