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The Interpreter Centre

The Sign Language Interpreting Centre offers interpreting services to deaf and severely hearing impaired persons in the county of Uppsala.

Interpreters make it possible for deaf persons, deaf and blind persons, those with a severe hearing impairment, and hearing persons to communicate. The most common interpreting methods are Sign Language, Tactile Sign Language and Signing to Support Speech. Another often used method is Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART), which is a word-for-word speech-to-text interpreting service.

The interpreting service is free of charge for anyone who needs it in his or her daily life. Interpreting services can be booked for medical appointments, meetings at work or in private life situations, such as meetings of clubs and societies, family celebrations or when contacting the authorities. It is important to recognise that the interpreter will remain neutral and translate what is said in the room. When required due to the length or difficulty of the conversation, two interpreters take turns.

A social worker for the deaf and severely hearing impaired is linked to The Sign Language Interpreting Centre. The social worker offers supportive counselling and can provide help in contacts with the authorities.

It is possible to use the service without having a previous appointment; however, to make sure that there will be staff available it is best to book the appointment in advance. When booking an interpreter, please state the date, time, place and what the assignment is about.